Is the site secure? What type of security measures are in place?

The Italian Forum has recently upgraded its CCTV system, now featuring 110 new motion-activated and monitored cameras. Additionally, the site is patrolled by Wilson Security throughout the evenings.

Key security measures include:

  • The car park garages are closed at midnight by security shutters, and only residents can access the car park.
  • Loading dock gates are locked at 7 PM from Monday to Friday, and at 12 PM on Saturdays and Sundays. A fine applies if security is required to open the loading dock.
  • Piazza gates are closed at midnight and reopen at 7 AM; only residents can access the gates with a key.

To report any security issues, please call Wilson Security or dial 000.

Can I dump rubbish in the loading dock bins?

No, the large 4.5 cubic meter bins located in the loading dock are exclusively for the use of the commercial strata (SP60919). If any resident is caught using these bins for any reason, you will be charged for the full load of the bin plus an administration fee for the building managers to recover surveillance footage.

Are there late or noisy events in the Piazza?

There are regular events on weekends and restaurants are fully trading businesses, however these events must stop by 10:00 pm on Sunday to Thursday and by 12:00 am (midnight) on Friday and Saturday.

Am I allowed to bring my pet?

Yes, the Italian Forum was not designed and constructed with pets in mind so you will need to obtain a pet application form and await for approval

By-Laws And Architectural Standards

Each Strata scheme has its own by-laws, which are a set of rules that govern such things as the behaviour of residents and the use of common property. The by-laws apply to all owners and residents of a Strata Scheme.

The Italian Forum Strata Plan 60918 operates under a Strata Management Statement (SMS) and a set of by-laws that are designed to facilitate the administration and harmony of the Strata Scheme. The Architectural Standard is another document that is necessitated by the cultural and architectural significance of the Italian Forum and it outlines how the external appearance of the building must be maintained.

All residents (tenants and owners) must comply with the by-laws, including the Architectural Standard in accordance with the NSW Strata Schemes Management Act 2015 or face the possibility of penalties (usually in the form of fines) issued by the NSW Consumer & Administrative Tribunal (NCAT). All residents must take all reasonable steps to ensure that their invitees also comply. If an invitee does not comply, the resident must take all reasonable steps to ensure that the invitee complies or leaves the building.

Click on the links below for a PDF version of the by-laws or Architectural Standards

  • SP 60918 By-Laws
  • Italian Forum 60918 – Architectural Standards

You can find out more about By-laws at the NSW Government Office of Fair Trading.



Your unit is fitted with an individual hot water unit servicing your unit only. This unit is located within the laundry. As a tenant, gas usage for this is included in your rent. As an owner the gas consumption is included in your levies.

Depending on the location of your unit, situated underneath the kitchen benchtop, bathroom vanity or laundry cabinet is a tap which turns on/off the supply of cold water to your unit. When the tap is turned off, no water will flow to any fixtures within your unit, including the hot water unit.


Your unit has gas supplied to the kitchen cooktop and to a bayonet point in the lounge room for heating.
Located underneath the kitchen benchtop is the yellow shut-off valve for the gas. When this valve is in the closed position, no gas will flow to either the cooktop or the bayonet point.


Located in the cupboard above the fridge space in your kitchen is your unit’s electrical distribution board. This board distributes the incoming electricity supply into the various electrical circuits within your unit. Housed within the board are circuit switches and associated fuses.

To ensure all electrical fixtures are connected to power, all switches on the distribution board are to be pushed up to the “on” position.

If you lose power on any one particular circuit in your apartment at any time, check the circuit board above the fridge and it is likely that a circuit has tripped to the off position. If the circuit will not turn back on, it is recommended to arrange an electrician to assist. If you have lost power to the entire apartment, this may be related to your apartment only, in which case it is recommended that you call an electrician in the first instance. If the power outage appears to be a building-wide issue, you should contact your electricity supplier in the first instance to check if there are any outages in the area; if not then contact the Building Manager for assistance.

Moving In / Out

Please contact the building manager for information about moving in and out of the building, including moving bulky items.

For incoming residents, please download the Italian Forum Residential Welcome Information letter.

Keys, Access & Security

The Owners Corporation has engaged a security services contractor, Wilson Securiy to provide an on-site presence after hours at the Italian Forum. Security are on site from 5:00pm until 1:00am, seven days a week and they are contactable on 1300 945 766.

For applications for a new Electronic Security Key, please click here.

For any queries about security during the day, please contact the Building Managerin the first instance.

For Police, Fire or Ambulance emergency services, call 000.

Leichhardt Local Area Command Police stations are in Glebe and Balmain, details as below:

GLEBE 2037
1-3 Talfourd Street
Phone: 02 9552 8099
Open 24 hours

368 Darling Street
Phone: 02 9556 0624
Open 24 hours


Located adjacent to the kitchen within your unit is your security intercom system handset.

This device allows visitors from the carpark or public levels of the Italian Forum development to contact your unit directly, via the security intercom panel located in the lift servicing your unit, or alternatively via the security gate outside certain units.

By depressing the button on the intercom unit, you will enable your visitor to use the lift to your unit level floor or gain access through the security gate (at the intercom station they are calling from), depending on your unit’s location.


The Mail Room is located adjacent to the Resident’s garbage room and contains a designated mailbox for each unit. Each unit’s security access card will open the locked doors of the Mail Room.