Events Committee

The Italian Forum Community Events Committee was formed in collaboration with the various stakeholders at the Italian Forum including the residents, businesses, local community members, ACA, Co.As.It. as well as input from local and state Government. The Committee operates on a volunteer basis with contribution from the various members involved in its establishment.

The Committee aims to collaborate with the various stakeholders surrounding the Italian Forum, to promote community cooperation and involvement through the operation of events, community gardens and other cultural activities surrounding the cultural center and the Piazza.

The current major project is the establishment of the community gardens. Its statement of intent is to provide a shared garden for residents and businesses to grow fresh, nutritious produce as well as educating people on sustainable living. A place where locals and visitors can appreciate the beautiful surroundings, relax in the gardens and build relationships; the gardens will provide seating amongst the greenery. Harvesting their own food, locals will also be reducing their carbon footprint by reducing packaged materials.

The Forum Community Committee holds meetings every two months in the Cultural Centre, hosted by ACA. These meetings are for the planning and organization of the Committee’s statement of intent.

All members of the community are welcome to join the Committee. To become a member of the Forum Community Committee, please contact us.